5 Reasons to Build an App like Gojek in Nigeria Before 2023

5 Reasons to Build an App like Gojek in Nigeria Before 2023

Launching an app like Gojek in Nigeria will only boost the economy because the statistics say so. According to Nigeria App Market Statistics in 2022, 86% of the total apps released by Thai publishers on App Stores belong to various categories while 14% belong to only games. This figure says a lot about the benefits that an entrepreneur can earn by launching a multi-service app before the 2023 calendar starts!


In this blog, let’s see the top 5 reasons why launching a fully-functional and mature on-demand multi-service app in Thailand should be on your to-do list!


5 Reasons to Develop and Launch Gojek Clone App in Nigeria 

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should develop and launch an app similar to the original Indonesian Gojek App. Have a look at them even before you think about skipping the idea!

You’ll become a portable supermarket for customers

With an app like Gojek Clone in Nigeria, you can offer your customers the ease and comfort of booking 101+ services. These services are from different genres.


Your customers can now book taxi rides, order on-demand delivery of alcohol to their doorstep, send parcels from x to y location, and much more.


People with a busy schedule can conveniently order groceries online and even for a lazy Sunday evening book massage therapy at their homes. Deep cleaning of homes is no longer a trouble because, with this app, customers can hire on-demand maids!


In other words, you’d become a portable digital supermarket for customers.

Effortless money-making

Developing and launching a Gojek-like app isn’t enough. As an entrepreneur, you need to think about earning profits and monetizing with the app!


The good part is that with this app, entrepreneurs can earn commissions on every service that is booked through the app. Moreover, when it comes to making additional cash, launching an app like Gojek in Nigeria will allow the entrepreneur to:


Make money on every click on the third-party Facebook/Google ad displayed on the app’s home screen. Also, the extra money can be earned from the commission on surcharges and cancellation fees!


Well, with this app, entrepreneurs can start raking in billions in profits in no time!

No-fuss business expansion

Expanding the business is one of the most important things and at the same time, a tough one too!


But since you are launching a mobile app, the ball’s in your court! How? Well, with the pre-built Gojek-like app, you get to white-label the base app and launch it under your own branding.


Therefore, it means that during this process or even later, you can ask the developers to integrate the languages and currencies of the countries you’re launching the app. And simply, make the app available on the iOS & Android App Stores in those regions!

Easily capture a bigger market

With an app like Gojek in Nigeria, you can reach out to a bigger audience via marketing efforts and even through your existing customers.


The refer and earn feature can help you reach out to a lot many people! Here, the existing customer needs to share their invite code with their friends and family. Now they can use the code to register with the app.


Now, as soon as the new member joins the platform and books their first service, the existing customer receives monetary benefits!

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Quick entry into the market

With the development and launch of the pre-built Gojek-like app, entrepreneurs can kickstart their multi-service business in just 7 days!


During the week’s time, the experts will white-label the app by


  • Changing the app’s color theme
  • Integrating preferred services and features
  • Integrating currencies, languages, SM & payment gateways
  • Adding your brand name and logo everywhere!


White-labeling the app only takes 7 days. Thus, while your competitors would be busy designing the app, coding it, and testing it, you would have already launched the app in the market!

In Conclusion:

Lead the on-demand multi-service industry by launching an app like Gojek in Nigeria before 2023 starts!


Now that you know what are the top 5 reasons to choose this app, it is time you quickly decide to purchase the clone app package and launch it!


Start with the demo app trial before you purchase the package.

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