INSTAGRAM: How to Measure Activities on your Business Profile

INSTAGRAM: How to Measure Activities on your Business Profile

I continue with a series of articles about Instagram – my favorite social network. This time I will write about the analytical part of communication on Instagram. If you want to refresh the basics, read the first three articles: how web marketers can take advantage of the increasingly popular social network , what you can achieve on Instagram as an online marketer and how to prepare a good profile , and what, when and how often to post on Instagram as a web marketer. Buy instagram followers Canada can make big difference in success. Their services place perfectly in your business promotion.

Just as we can track various website performance factors using Google Analytics, we can track the success of our Instagram activities.

How to get statistics on Instagram – Insights?

To access statistics, you must first change your regular Instagram account to a business account. The condition for this change is a Facebook page. You can easily change the account in the settings of your Instagram profile: follow the instructions.

What will you get with Instagram statistics?

Just as for all your activities on the Internet you want to monitor how successful you are in communication, Instagram is no exception. Are you interested in how many users you reach, what kind of posts get the best response and when?

When you have successfully changed your account to business, click on the icon. You won’t have any numbers in the beginning, but that will change after just one week.

What success factors will you get and use?

Impressions – the total number of views of your posts;

Reach – the number of unique Instagram profiles that saw any post;
Profile views – how many times users viewed your profile;
Website clicks – how many times users clicked on the link on the profile;
Call click – how many times they clicked on the Call button on your profile;
Email Clicks – how many times they clicked on Email on your profile;
Engagement – ​​number of likes and comments on the post;
Saved – number of unique users who saved your post.

You can compare your activities over time.

Instagram will tell you a lot about your followers:

Gender – percentage of men and women;
Age – total according to age groups from 13 to 65+ years and with regard to gender;
Top locations – cities and countries in percentages;
Follower activity by hours – average time followers are logged in on Instagram on a typical day;
Follower – activity by day of the week.


You can check the effectiveness of your posts:

Posts – track the response to your photos or videos according to the factors mentioned above in different time periods (7 days, 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, one or two years);
Instagram Stories – stories are a type of post on Instagram that appear at the very top and disappear after 24 hours.

You can track response to stories in a 24-hour, 7- or 14-day time frame based on display, reach and several new factors:

Taps forward – how many times users clicked on the next story;
Taps back – how many times users clicked on the previous story;
Exit – how many times users left your story;
Response – number of response to the story.

Lots of different factors, right? Instagram Insights really offers a whole range of analytical data that you can use to track your performance. Don’t forget that the most important thing on social networks is that your followers respond to posts. The statistics will answer your questions about when it is best to post a new photo, what form of content is most liked by users and how to increase the reach of posts.


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