The 8 Best Eco-Friendly Business Presents in India

The 8 Best Eco-Friendly Business Presents in India

Present giving by corporations is at an all-time high. Corporate gifts are now seen as a retention tool as well as a means to celebrate employees’ birthdays and holidays like Diwali and New Year’s. Presenting eco-friendly goods as presents is the latest trend. It’s undeniable that this fad will continue for some time. Gifts that are good for the environment are also good for our health. In recent years, businesses have made efforts to reduce their impact on the environment.

This is because they very certainly will, and one effective method to try to accomplish it is to give out eco-friendly company presents at events as a means of greener travel. Gifts including as planting kits and ecological stationery are being given out by corporations to employees in place of the more wasteful practise of giving items wrapped in plastic. Our honest, thoughtful, and ethical presents go a long way for your people and our world, and at some best gift online delivery shops we guarantee that all of the things you order for corporate gifting will be free of plastic.

List of Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts in India

Here are some of the best online corporate gift ideas that are great for your staff and the environment.

Desk Organiser

Although your staff tries hard, their productivity might be significantly increased if they had some assistance keeping track of everything they have to do. This eco-friendly spin on the classic stationery set is the perfect present for your staff. A touch box, a journal, a place to store business cards, and a pen stand all fit neatly inside this present box. Typical components include recycled rubbish and other eco-friendly components. There is no odour to worry about. All of the components in this set can be recycled. The recipient need not be a nature enthusiast to appreciate this lovely gift for stationery enthusiasts.

Copper Water Bottle

Copper bottles are a wonderful replacement for either plastic water bottles or disposable plastic water bottles. We are all aware of the positive effects copper has on health. These copper bottles, which may be personalised with your company’s branding, are good for the environment and the recipients’ health. Some of the most straightforward corporate gifts available online are those that make workers feel like they are part of a close-knit group within a company that recognises and appreciates their efforts.

“Grow More” NoteBook

In order to make sure your office supplies don’t harm the environment, you’ve decided to invest in some biodegradable, compostable notebooks. When you’ve been accustomed to digital communication and no longer need paper. So instead of throwing it away, you may put it in the ground! Put the paper in a garden or a container of soil. Additionally, keep it wet and in a semi-shaded area. The paper’s seeds will begin to germinate soon, and the entire thing will biodegrade over time. To a great extent, this is due to the fact that the company is promoting the usage of environmentally friendly products among its staff. The company’s name and emblem are embossed on the cover of each notebook.

Jute-Made Sling Bag

If you’re in the market for a simple cloth bag, this sling bag is a lovely option. This backpack is ideal for carrying around your laptop, books, and other lightweight necessities. To top it all off, it’s ideal for regular use. This magnificent item, crafted from 100% jute fabric, adds a touch of class to any celebration. Because jute is so long-lasting, this tote won’t get worn out quickly and won’t need much in the way of upkeep, either. Include this in a gift basket for your staff, and they will appreciate it so much more!


Go Green Herb Garden

You may give your workers a little something for their herb garden to encourage them to get green fingers! The Grow Your Own Vegetables Kit, notepad, pencils, and diyas included in this gift basket can all be used to cultivate edible and ornamental plants. The plantable items in this gift basket will help you bring the outdoors inside. The pencils in the set can be planted in organic basil seeds, and the notebook can be used as plant food. If you’re looking for a personalised gift idea, go no further; these plantable Diyas are a great option, and they’re available for purchase online.

Stationery Kit

Stationery is a necessary aspect of any company, and this kit box is full with wonderful corporate gift ideas for employees. This package includes a notebook bound in seed paper, filled with recycled paper, as well as postcards, bookmarks, envelopes, and more. Two plantable neem pencils are included as well. Embedded in the handmade paper of cotton scraps known as “Seed Paper,” these little plants can grow into something beautiful. After each use, they will be soaked in water and planted with seeds so that new herbs, flowers, and vegetables can flourish. It’s a wonderful illustration of the fact that eco-friendly products can be both practical and enjoyable.

Bamboo Speaker

This bamboo docking station and sound amplifier would be a great addition to a gift basket for the music lovers in your office. As a result, it’s a great thing to bring on a trip. These bamboo speakers amplify the bass & volume to provide you a terrific musical experience combined with your phone and it accommodates gadgets of all sizes & weights. This is a sustainable present because the product was packaged using zero plastic.

Festive Foodie Fiesta

Food is the path to a person’s heart. If you want to keep motivating your staff to live healthier lifestyles, this assortment of snacks made entirely from organic and sustainable ingredients could be the perfect corporate gift! All of the tasty treats in our Festive Foodie Fiesta Hamper are created with all-natural, additive-free ingredients and are packaged in 100% recycled paper. This Diwali, brighten your home with some fragrant Tea lights and a jar of homemade beets, granola, best assorted chocolates, a portion of bajra nibbles, and more!

To Wrap Up

In recent years, environmentally conscious corporate gifting has become increasingly popular. Considering this, we have compiled a list of the amazing 8 Eco-friendly business gifts for your employees or associates in India.

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